History of Dunkley International

Dunkley International Inc. was founded in Michigan in late 1800’s by Sam Dunkley. Mr. Dunkley

was a farmer who had many ideas on how to mechanically harvest and handle produce. The

most prominent was the cherry pitter, which remains the backbone of the company over

100 years later.

Dunkley’s principal business consists of the research, design, software development, welding & fabricating, manufacturing, and distribution of fruit processing equipment and related services. These, along with innovative business practices and a commitment to responsible leadership, has resulted in the company being recognized as the
cherry pitter leader in the industry.

The company’s products are sold primarily internally at Dunkley or through independent contract representatives worldwide.

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Dunkley International’s Core Values

  • SafetyWe put this first and foremost

  • QualityWe pride ourselves in consistently creating high quality parts

  • Honesty - We give and expect honesty, always

  • Trust - We maintain a trustworthy team, to promote a high-trust environment

  • Excellent Communication - We expect transparent communication within our team and to our customers

  • Integrity - We follow the “Golden Rule”

  • Skilled Workforce - We have ongoing training programs to help usher in the new era of the workforce

  • Strong Work Ethic - We maintain a workforce of individuals striving for continuous improvement

  • Respect - As a customer, you deserve and will be treated with respect at all times when working with us

Working with Dunkley International

Dunkley designs innovative products and services that addresses customer needs and solves their problems as well as add value to the equipment.  Dunkley is also a recognized leader within its industry for the use, development, and integration of customer-centered technologies that enhance the reliability, speed, and efficiency of our customers’ operations.

Dunkley draws great competitive strength from its research, design and development. Accordingly, the company believes that its research and design activities are of significant importance. Through research, the company seeks to define and clarify customer needs and problems existing in its markets and to design, through innovation where appropriate and feasible, products, systems, and services as solutions to such problems. Ultimately, the company seeks to enhance the performance of Dunkley International Inc. products worldwide, making its customers’ lives more productive, rewarding, delightful, and meaningful.

The company’s manufacturing plant and its corporate offices are located at 1910 Lake St. Kalamazoo Michigan, 49001.  We invite you to contact us and learn all the ways Dunkley International can assist you!

SSP-5000 Cherry Pitter & Cranberry Piercer in One