Fruit Processing Equipment

Dunkley International designs and builds quality fruit processing products including complete processing lines for blueberries and cherries.

  • Cherry Pitter

  • Cherry Destemmer

  • Blueberry Destemmer

  • Conveyors

  • Orchard Tanks

  • Special Machines

  • Electronic Color Sorters

  • Filler / Weighers

Cherry Pitters at a processing plant
Cherry Processing at a plant

A Cherry Pitter line at a processing plant.

Dunkley International believes in simplicity of design and rugged construction that can be depended upon to carry its share of the load.


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Cherry Processing at a processing plant.

Cherry Pitters in Dunkley Facility

Cherry Pitters ready to be shipped out of Dunkley's Facility.

Cherry Processing at a plant

More Cherry Processing at a processing plant. Cherry Sizer in the middle with Pitters in the back.

Dunkley Cherry Pitter

This flag-ship product of Dunkley is a cherry pit (stone) removal machine. The pitter is capable of yielding ½ to 1 ton of cherries per hour (453.6 – 907.2 Kilograms – depending on style) – that’s the kind of performance you get from the Dunkley Cherry Pitter! For well over 75 years the Dunkley pitter is and has been recognized as the leader in the industry!

Working at a speed of 96 strokes per minute, pitting a maximum of 53 cherries per stroke, the Dunkley pitter is unmatched wherever efficient and economic operation is required.

The key to the long success of this pitter can be attributed to not only the ease with which adjustments and maintenance can be performed, but also the construction of the pocketed cylinder from an aluminum or nylon alloy and the ingenious design of the stainless steel pitting needles.

Capacity for the “E” Style is 1 ton, “W” Style is ¾ ton, “D” Style is ½ ton and “M” Style is 1 ton per hour.

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Check out the Dunkley Needle Sharpener!

Dunkley SSP-3000 Cherry Pitter

Working at a maximum speed of 200 strokes per minute, pitting a maximum of 20 cherries every stroke, the Dunkley SSP-3000 pitter yields over 1,000-1,500 lbs. an hour – unmatched wherever efficient and economic operation is required.

These machines are standard equipment in large volume cherry processing operations, with the output geared to the number of pitters in the product line.  Thanks to the simplicity of its design and its rugged construction, the Dunkley SSP-3000 Pitter is one of the most durable pitters made.

Capacity is approx. 1,000-1,500 lbs. per hour.

Dunkley Cherry Destemmer

This improved Dunkley Cherry Destemmer features a unique “vibration isolation” design that reduces the transmission of unbalanced vibrations from the conveying table to the frame. The Destemmer operates smoothly, simply bolts into position and requires less maintenance.

The patentable features include:

  • A conveyor that ‘Floats’ within the frame.

  • Destemming Blade, ball-bearing mounted, in a stress relieved and precision machined weldment.

  • Shaft mounted motor reducers to eliminate maintenance problems caused by belt slippage and mechanical transmission components.

  • Stainless steel blade with a simplified adjustment.

Capacity is approx. 12,000 lbs. per hour

Dunkley SSP-5000 Cranberry Piercer/Cherry Pitter

The most innovative technology in both cherry pit removal, as well as cranberry processing for drying applications. This patented crossover machine features the newest technology in materials and location of the “typical” components that are on the standard Dunkley pitter, including: Stainless Steel eccentrics, Geneva wheel, and new Patented Nylon Gib design – all of which are now located on the outside of the machine.

This ground-breaking machine was designed and built to “pierce” a hole through both top and bottom of the cranberry, so the customer could dry the cranberry as a whole piece of fruit (versus the typical slicing method with renders only a half piece of fruit after processing).  It is configurable to handle piercing cranberries or pitting cherries.

Dunkley Junior Cherry Pitter

Dunkley International is excited to introduce our new and updated Dunkley Jr. Cherry Pitter!

The Dunkley Junior Cherry Pitter is the only machine of its kind. It is built to handle the need for custom pitting on the farm, at the Fruit Stand and for handling the harvest of small orchards.  It is a bantam-weight weight machine that does a heavyweight job. Compact and sturdy, it is a small version of the Dunkley pitters used in large cherry-processing plants.

The Dunkley Junior Cherry Pitter will pit either sweet or sour cherries.  This trouble-free machine turns out 650-700 pounds of pitted cherries an hour (that is twice the output of our original Jr. Pitter).  Cherries are fed into rubber pockets, featuring an all new cylinder pad, and then conveniently discharged into your finished packaging system.

Capacity is approx. 650-700 lbs. per hour.

Dunkley Blueberry Destemmer

The long standard of the Blueberry Industry! The Dunkley Blueberry Destemmer is an efficient machine that removes stems, will remove some green fruit, a large percentage of over-ripe fruit and breaks up clusters.

Capacity is approx. 2000 lbs. per hour

Dunkley Fruit Sizer

This work horse has been in service in the processing plants all over the world for over 70 years! Mild steel construction with Stainless Steel Fruit Guides, FDA approved plastic covered rods, and various sizing belts available (7/16″, 1/2″, and 9/16″ Standard Sizes).  Options on this unit include all Stainless Steel construction, sizing openings to ¾”, and 90V-DC variable speed.

Capacity for Blueberries is approx. 5,000 per hour and for Cherries is 12,000 per hour.

Dunkley Pitter Needle Sharpener

Easily sharpen your own 5 and 6 flute needles all on one machine!

  • Can complete 30 needles an hour

  • Easy adjustment for user and cutting quality

  • Simple cutter exchange

  • Overall dimensions:
    24” x 24” x 44” high to table top

  • Single phase 115/230 V motor

  • Guarding of all dangerous areas – OSHA compliant

  • Automatic return

  • Needle and slide hard stops for repeatability