Mach 10: High Speed Vision Inspection System

The Dunkley Mach-10 High Speed Fastener Sorting Machine

can handle and sort anything from food particles to small industrial

parts at a blistering pace of 10,000 pieces per minute! 

We offer systems that perform a variety of machine vision tasks in

industries ranging from semiconductors, pharmaceuticals, food

processing, automotive, and general manufacturing. 

These high speed fastener sorting vision systems are made up of

software and hardware “building blocks” that enable customers to

obtain flexible solutions for gauging, inspection, and identification

tasks. The benefits are on-line quality and process control. Any irregularity in the production line can be adjusted immediately, which saves costs and avoids downtime.

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Mach 10 Inspection System in USTsubaki Plant

Possible Applications Include:

(of course these are just suggestions, custom solutions are available!)


  • Small part/fastener inspection

    • Inspect for flash

    • Out of tolerance​​​​​​

  • Assemblies

    • Correct parts and placement​

    • Label inspection

Consumer Products:

  • Date/Lot code

  • Bottle caps


  • Connector pins

  • Circuit boards


  • Bolts, nails, rivets, screws, washers

    • Thread damage​

    • Length and width

    • Bent, broken, or damaged

Food Processing:

  • Color, size, shape

  • Packaging

    • Damaged, misprinted​


  • Tablet/Capsules​​

  • Label inspection

Up to 10,000 Parts Per Minute!


  • Mixed, damaged or out of tolerance parts are rejected automatically, without human intervention

  • Inspection rates up to 10,000 parts/min. Based on components & attributed inspection.

  • Easy Setup

  • Inspection parameters by part number are saved and stored in the machine’s computer memory for immediate recall and setup.

  • Inspection data can be archived on the machine’s PC or sent to a central server for process and quality control analysis.

Click here: to watch a Mach 10 vision inspection system run!