PNP 1000: A.I. Machine Vision System

Capable of sorting approximately 60 parts per minute (speeds may be adjusted according to your product). TCP/IP communication capabilities.

  • Artificial Intelligence can solve manufacturing inspections that are complicated, time consuming and costly to program using traditional machine vision.

  • This intelligence is driven by Deep Neural Networks that learns by example as a human would from a set of annotated training data and images.

  • During training, the software develops neural networks that saves object features in a model.

  • During run-time, the software extracts anomalies, and locates objects.

  • The location of objects is sent to the robot which uses this information to pick up


Complete System

  • A Fully integrated industrial automation solution comprising of hardware, software, and deep-learning pre-trained models.

Faster and Accurate

  • Ability to achieve outstanding accuracy for object detection irrespective of object orientation.


  • Automates tedious tasks that usually are performed by a human operator. Runs 24/7 and maintains the same level of quality every shift.

Pick and Place Vision System

Simple and Reliable

  • A flexible system that can be trained in a short time to detect brand new objects.

  • Saves operating time when training new objects or process change without re-programming the core algorithms.

  • Plug and play system that does not require professional skills to set up.

Training Data

  • Training requires less than hundreds of images instead of millions. Since images are stored locally and require minimal computing resources, training is fast and affordable. Training small sets of images takes less than 30 minutes.

Cost Effective

  • The system cost significantly less compared to the existing ones in the market due to extraordinary ability to work with any CMOS camera and under poor lighting conditions.


  • Boosts process efficiency with more accurate and quicker throughput than human operators.

Analytics, Visualization and Notifications

  • Customizable dashboard by shift/day/week/month. Dashboard can be accessed across multiple devices. Regular notifications of machine down time and other customer defined parameters over email.


  • The HMI can be accessed on any smart device with authentication when the vision system is connected to the internet.

We offer systems that perform a variety of machine vision tasks in industries ranging from semiconductors, pharmaceuticals, food processing, automotive, and general manufacturing.  We can provide custom machine vision integration or turnkey machine vision systems.

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