Dried Cranberries without Slicing

A customer contacted Dunkley International regarding a machine that could be used to “pierce” a hole through both top and bottom of the cranberry, so as to dry the cranberry as a whole piece of fruit versus the typical slicing method with renders only a half piece of fruit after processing. After much experimentation and trial and error, Team Dunkley designed and developed the SSP-5000. This patented machine offers the ability to process cherries or cranberries based on configuration. Upgrade components available for the SSP-2000 and SSP-5000 include: Stainless Steel Geneva wheel, S/S Eccentrics, S/S Needle Bar, S/S stripper Bar, S/S Ejector Bar, S/S Synchro Hub, S/S Rocker Arms, S/S Take up Bracket.

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