Eccentric Assembly Standardization

Opportunity: Non-standardized production processes with Eccentric assemblies Solution: Using Lean six sigma teachings we evaluated the opportunity using a cause and effect diagram, attempting to identify the root causes of the non-standardized eccentrics assembly. During our deliberation of root causes it was brought to our attention that a part of the process was removed or deemed unnecessary in recent years. This was an obvious attempt to reduce the amount of time it took to create the eccentric parts. Prior to attacking any of the root causes we had our production team reincorporate the removed process step back into their process, this immediately showed value and change within the quality of the part that was produced. After our success of solving the initial problem, we went back to our root causes and decided that a gauging jig was the best option to control our process. Our solution was a gauging jig that has the ability to run 5 parts at once, running our standardized production method to our customer specifications to control our process and continue to create consistent quality parts for our customers. [if !supportLineBreakNewLine] [endif]

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