Quality Management

Update: Dunkley International is has attained a ISO 9001 2015 certification in Quality Management!

Opportunity: Revisit and Revise Dunkley’s Quality Management System

Solution: Safety, Quality, Scheduling, and Cost are the top four priorities Dunkley utilizes on a daily basis. Creating a work environment conducive to keeping our employees safe is our first goal, followed by quality of products we are manufacturing and selling.

Quality has always been a part of Dunkley’s operations, which we are now reaffirming our commitment to quality from multiple directions using processes common within the industry. Dunkley International is defining and redefining the methods and standardized processes of creating an all-encompassing and full circle quality management system.

This will allow Dunkley and its employees to standardize processes and build quality assurance practices into the processes. At Dunkley, we must build and inspect our process not the product, quality has to be built into the process not inspected in, and the key to our continuous improvement is using measurable goals, if it cannot be measured it cannot be managed.

The voice of the customer along with this continuous proactive approach will increase our own efficiencies allowing Dunkley to serve our customers in a timely manner while insuring the quality of the product they are purchasing.

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