New Cylinder Supplier and Material

Opportunity: Establish a relationship with a new supplier for cylinders

Solution: Due to catastrophic events with past suppliers we have come to a cross roads surrounding our aluminum cylinder availability. The cylinder itself requires an expensive and unique style of casting known as centrifugal casting. This process requires the material to be spun as it is poured into the cast tooling, and requires a continuous spin until the poured material has cooled and set. Due to this need for a specific technology we had to vet out numerous suppliers to find ones that have this technology and the capability to handle some of our cylinders

size and weight. After months of vetting out suppliers we determined the best option to move forward with, a material change from cast aluminum to cast nylon.


Changing from cast aluminum to cast nylon you can see immediate benefits:

  • No oxidation of the cylinder

  • No issues with wash down

  • Immediate decrease in weight of cylinder assembly (roughly half the weight)

  • Reduce effects of needles deflecting and contacting through holes in cylinders

  • The nylon material is FDA approved

  • Both materials act similar when machining and when in its application

  • Changing to nylon gives our customers another option outside of the aluminum

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