Junior Cherry Pitter

Update 5/2/17 A few of the Dunkley team took a trip to see the Junior Pitter in action at Tröegs Independent Brewing. Click the pictures below for a better view!

Update 4/24/17 Recently, we have found a new market for these smaller cherry pitters: breweries!

Check out the Brewery Press Release for more information on our Jr. Cherry Pitter!

Tröegs Independent Brewing has already purchased one! Click here for their website!

Opportunity: Smaller more versatile cherry pitter that will allow Dunkley to expand their footprint into new industries to diversify our customer base. Solution: Create a miniature version concept of the current cherry pitter that Dunkley is known for. Using the principles of process and product re-engineering we created a concept of the JR. pitter. Not holding ourselves to the same materials or processes used for the normal Cherry pitters, we began to think outside of the box. New materials and capabilities that our current customers have inquired about were added to our new concept. New materials such as plastic casing/guarding for a transparent look and the ability to see the inner workings of the machine as it operates. The addition of a mobile base to the cabinet of the JR. pitter allows for customers to move the machine with relative ease compared to a proto-typical cherry pitter. With a lower price point and all the additional capabilities the JR. pitter concept has been created and is now ready for full production.

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